Prison Fellowship

Dec 15, 2021 3:35:00 PM / by Positiv TV

PositivCares was created for one primary purpose: to offer our viewers an opportunity and gateway to do something positive, to give back. The charities you see have been carefully selected for their commendable work and the extraordinary difference they make in the lives of countless others. PositivCares is honored to spotlight and support these noteworthy organizations. Along with your help, we know we can be positive partners for a world in need of care.

Prison Fellowship

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and we're so honored to partner with our friends at Prison Fellowship.

Founded in 1976, Prison Fellowship serves all those affected by crime and incarceration and to see lives and communities restored in and out of prison—one transformed life at a time.

Prison Fellowship


Aside from the many outstanding programs that Prison Fellowship offers, the Angel Tree Christmas™ is a unique and remarkable program during this time of the year. It provides hope, faith and brings the Christmas spirit to prisoners' children who need it the most.  


Angel Tree Christmas™ offers organizations to serve incarcerated parents by providing a pathway for strengthening and restoring their relationships with their children and families. Angel Tree Christmas encourages local churches and community organizations to give hundreds of thousands of children a gift, the Gospel message, and a personal message of love on behalf of their incarcerated parents.



Looking for ways how you can help this year? Your generosity will bring joy to the world of Angel Tree children at Christmas and throughout the year. Together we can show these children the love of Jesus and help them know they are valued - unlocking their potential for a brighter future!


Prison Fellowship

On behalf of Positiv, we appreciate your support!


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