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May 1, 2021 7:00:00 AM / by Positiv TV

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We are pleased to partner with our friends, Laura's House for our Grace & Grit movie month. Laura's House was established by a woman named Laura, who was a victim of domestic violence. Since 1994, Laura's House has continued to grow and offer a large number of programs and services which provide vital support and education aimed at avoiding domestic violence to occur again.

Today, Laura's House provides unlimited support to over 900,000 residents of Orange County, California, and beyond. Over the past 24 years, Laura's House has provided shelter and supportive services to over 5,000 abused women, men, and children, and counseling, life skills education, and legal advocacy to over 55,000 persons.

Laura's House assists families experiencing the effects of domestic violence in need of emergency shelter, support, education, and counseling. Their goal is to provide supportive service programs that will prepare their clients and their children to live independent and violence-free lives, with an emphasis on education and prevention for future generations.

2020 was a rough year for everyone, but Laura's House provided maximum support to their clients that needed them the most. COVID-19 had a great effect on their clients and the ways in which they served victims of abuse in Orange County and throughout southern California. They relied on their core values, dedicated staff and Board of Directors, and the support of the communities they serve to effectively help men, women, and children experiencing the devastating effects of domestic violence.

Laura’s House demonstrated resilience, innovation, and teamwork to continue providing their core services while developing and implementing new solutions to fulfill their mission despite the pandemic. They operated their Emergency Shelter, Transitional Living Center, and 24-Hour Crisis Hotline without interruption, instituted strict safety protocols to protect the health of their clients and staff, shifted their non-residential therapeutic counseling and legal advocacy services to secure, encrypted virtual platforms.

In 2020, they successfully provided direct services to a total of 4,443 persons and reached 23,361 through their prevention/education and community outreach activities, making a life-long impact on those they serve and helping to break the cycle of violence. 


    Interested in how you can support Laura's House today? Please click here to learn more today! 

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